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It is an A.R.T

Performance Management is not the easy tick-a-box-to-fire-afterwards once a year activity.  It is much more complex and an equally valuable tool to collect in your strategic management tool box. The most complex aspect of the performance management intervention is, arguably, the anxiety that accompanies the performance meeting. Mostly, this anxiety is on the part of the employee and in my experience, the Team Leader is often too ill equipped to produce the maximum benefit out of a performance management session.

Maybe to begin with we should consider an alternative name for this interaction – Performance Management does not seem fitting for the 21st century anymore.

I suggest we relook at the current trend of performance management. Maybe it is very drastic to say we need to overhaul the program immediately. How about we first look at creating a psychological safe environment around the practice of performance management? Maybe with the help of a psychological safe environment we not only encourage the buy-in from our team members but we also collect valuable input as to how the process can become more accurate, more effective and possibly even more “employee friendly”.

The Four Oxen aim to assist Organizations across South Africa to improve the effectiveness and relevance of their performance management system by:

  1. Explain the concept of performance management (PM)
  2. Distinguish performance management from performance appraisal
  3. Explain the many advantages and make a business case for implementing a well-designed performance management system
  4. Recognize the multiple negative consequences that can arise from the poor design and implementation of a performance management system. These negative consequences affect all parties involved: employees, supervisors, and the organization as a whole.
  5. Understand the concept of a reward system and its relationship to a performance management system
  6. Distinguish among the various types of employee rewards, including compensation, benefits and relational returns
  7. Describe the multiple purposes of a performance management system including strategic, administrative, informational, developmental, organizational maintenance and documentation purposes.
  8. Describe and explain the key features of an ideal performance management system
  9. Create a presentation providing persuasive argument in support of the reasons that an organization should implement a performance management system, including the purpose that performance management systems serve and the dangers of a poorly implemented systems
  10. Note the relationships and links between a performance management systems and other human resources functions, including recruitment and selection, training and development, workforce planning and compensation
  11. Describe and explain contextual and cultural factors that affect the implementation of performance management systems around the world.

In short, The Four Oxen strongly believe that every Organizations performance management system is a key component of talent management. Without such a system in place there is no means to assess the current talent and making predictions about future needs both at the individual and organizational levels.  Thus, The Four Oxen aim to go beyond implementing a successful performance management system but also to positively influence a client’s requirement strategies for the successful implementation of strategic HR functions, including training, workforce planning, recruitment and selection and compensation.

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