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A Company, as soon as it understands its WHY (i.e. their purpose), empowers their Teams to start thinking from the inside out, which is what Companies interested in playing the Infinite Business Game do.  Sustainability strategies that aren’t effectively aligned with broader “Just Cause” and “WHY” statements are missing out on the opportunity to reinforce underlying purpose within their Teams.  As a result, no trust or psychological safety develops among work teams, which is the death of innovation and sustainability of your business.  Team members and Bosses often miss the crucial need for internal alignment and, instead, end up developing strategies (i.e. Employee Relations) that are separate from, rather than embedded in, existing business strategies

(Simon Sinek, “The Infinite Game”)



Build stability into the management of your Employee Relations to build resilience. A Company built for resilience is a Company that is structured to last forever. Although sustainability, by its very definition, is about remaining the same, stable Employee Relations Management Strategies will enable your Company to weather the current storm, come out of the storm the equally strong and then start building a resilient Company to not only be prepared for the unpredictable but to be transformed by it. Resilient companies may come out the other end of upheaval entirely different than they were when they went in (and are often grateful for the transformation).

(Simon Sinek, “The Infinite Game”)



The “Law of diffusion” states that the (employement) population is broken into five segments that fall across a bell curve.  The first 2.5% of the population are the innovators and the next 13.5% are the early adopters. The next 34% of the population are the early majority followed by the late majority and finally the laggards on the far right side of the spectrum.  Laggards are the ones who buy touch-tone phones only because they don’t make rotary phones anymore. The farther right you go on the curve, the more you will encounter the clients and customers (employees) who may need what you have, but don’t necessarily believe what you believe.  As clients (employees), they are the ones for whom, no matter how hard you work, it’s never enough. Everything boils down to price (salaries) with them.  The goal of a business should not be to simply sell (hire) to anyone who wants what you have – the majority – but rather to find people who believe what you believe, the left side of the bell curve.  If you have the discipline to focus on the early adopters, the majority will come along eventually. But it must start with “WHY”.

(Simon Sinek, “Start with WHY”)



It is well within our power to build a world in which the vast majority of us wake up every single morning inspired, feel safe at work and return home fulfilled at the end of the day. With good leaders – great leaders – this vision can come to life. Great leaders are the ones who think beyond “short-term” versus “long-term”.  They are the ones who know that it is not about the next quarter or the next election; it is about the next generation. Great leaders set up their organizations to succeed beyond their own lifetimes, and when they do, the benefits for us, for business and even for the shareholder-are extraordinary.

(Simon Sinek, “The Infinite Game”)

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